Levy officials kept them safe

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By The Staff

To the editor:

The citizens of Fowler’s Bluff are happy to be watching the waters of the Suwannee River recede after recent flooding. Although water is still over the roads and inside lower levels of about 15 homes, the worst of the inconveniences has passed. The cooperation among neighbors has been outstanding in helping everyone prepare for and exist during flooding.

The residents of Fowler’s Bluff would like to thank the Levy County County Commissioners, especially Miss Lilly Rooks, the Department of Emergency Management and the Sheriff’s Department for the timely and proactive responses to the flooding situation. Mrs. Rooks was instrumental in working cooperatively with Dixie County to have wake warning stations posted in the waters of the river. Unfortunately the lights did not come on automatically at flood stage of 5.5 feet, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. A trailer was provided by the county to collect hazardous waste materials, like old paint and oil, to keep them out of flood waters. Waste Pro ran extra routes to help residents dispose of trash as they prepared before flooding.

Mark Johnson of the Department of Emergency Management and Captain Evan Sullivan, of the Sheriff’s Office met with residents before the flood. They told us the predictions and also listened to the residents who had been through flooding before. During the flooding the Sheriff’s Officers patrolled both by river and road, checked on residents who stayed and checked the homes of those who left. They also posted signs to close the boat ramps and roads as needed. The Florida Wildlife Commission also provided river patrols. It was a great comfort to have their presence in our neighborhood.

The Suwannee River Water Management website provided accurate, up-to-date flood level information and those predictions helped residents plan their course of action.

Our thanks also goes to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Mormon Church, for providing clean up kits and drinking water to residents to help us deal with the major clean up process after the water goes back to the river and swamps. The kits are very useful and most appreciated. Thanks to the Chiefland Fire Department for delivery of these kits and the offer to help hose river mud off of our slabs.

Hopefully the waters will all be gone from our homes and roads by the time this reaches the newspaper. But the rapid and thorough response to our situation will not be forgotten. Our residents will continue to be grateful to Levy County and its concerned and helpful employees. Thank you.

Donna Bushnell, President

Concerned Citizens of Fowler's Bluff