Levy gets presidential candidate visit

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Good News

By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

It's not even 2012 and Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee and Mitch Daniels have dropped out of the Republican presidential nomination race.
The wannabes are lining up to take their place.
Florida has a presidential primary next year and most analysts say the state is in play. Look for the big population areas to get the candidates' attention.
They won't stop in Levy County to ask for votes.
But that is changing.
When the Levy County GOP Executive Committee met in Chiefland last week, the big announcement was that Levy is on the presidential map.
The first (and probably only) candidate to visit us will be John Davis, of Colorado. A Davis campaign staffer contacted Committee Chair Michelle Finnen to say he will be in Levy at 11:40 a.m. June 7. The staffer wanted to know if the committee could set up a 25-minute meet-n-greet?
The chosen spot for the county's out-of-the-closet elephants to gather or herd will be the Levy County Courthouse in Bronson.
It's a natural, said State Committeeman C.W. Gilbert who suggested it, beause the County Commission meets that morning at 9 and the meeting should be breaking up as Davis arrives.
So, turn out to meet the man who thinks Levy's votes are important enough to include the county on his sixth campaign trip.
Davis should resonate with folks here. He's the sixth-generation of his family in Grand Junction, Colo. He's married, father of six and grandfather of four. He says he doesn't look like a president.
Most of us do not, either. But then, who thought Rick Scott looked like a governor?
For those who want to learn more about this conservative, visit www.johndavisforpresident.org or meet him on June 7 in Bronson.
It's a great opportunity for Levy County.
From the blog....
I know the Citizen staff  will mock me for this, but I'm excited to report that National Flip-Flop Day is Friday, June 17.
And nooooooo, this is not a day to celebrate politicians who change their minds.
Mind you, I don't wear flips on the job but come June 17, I will parade around the office in a brand new pedicure and my special fuzzy, fluffy flips. (I crochet 'em myself.) Or maybe it will be the copper sequined flips. Hmmm, the platform black ones with silver studs? Oh, I saw some beaded ones in a Chiefland store that would be Flip-Flop Day appropriate. If I can't decide, I'll just have to put a few in a bag and change 'em by the hour.
Truly, the state shoe of Florida is the flip-flop. I'm just not sure we have officially declared it so. It's time we did.
Maybe state Sen. Oelrich, who represents a tad, of Levy County could tack an amendment on his name-the-barking-frog-the-state-amphibian bill to designate the flip-flop the official state footwear.
I know, the folks who wear Crocs might try declaring their shoe the official shoe but it comes from Colorado. Besides, we have more flippers than Crocers in Florida.
I am not a Croc wearer. Don't even own a pair. The Carnivore is a Croc wearer, but he's also a flipper. He prefers basic $1 flips in black but they do not come in his ginormous foot size at that price. As for me, I am a dollar flipper and I have the right size feet for them. So I have a variety of flips lurking about.
But back to June 17 and National Flip-Flop Day. Send in a photo of the flips you plan to wear that day. I'll download 'em and show them off on our website while getting that pedi.
Lou Elliott Jones is editor of the Chiefland Citizen. Contact at 352-493-4796 or editor@chieflandcitizen.com. Read her blog at www.chieflandcitizen.com.