Levy County voters pick contrary to state voters

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By Jeff M. Hardison

BRONSON - Levy County's voters did not go exactly like the rest of Florida's constituents, but the votes were similar overall.

With 100 percent of the votes counted in Levy County by 9 p.m. on Jan. 29, Hillary Clinton took 40.64 percent (2,235) of the Democrats' votes and John McCain garnered 31.44 percent (1,102) of the Republicans' votes, according to Supervisor of Elections Connie Asbell.

From a state perspective of Democrat voters, Clinton won with 49.7 percent of the vote. McCain won with 36 percent of the Republican Floridians' votes. This is according to Florida Division of Election records as of 8 a.m. on Jan. 30.

In regard to the amendment to change property taxes, 58.13 percent (5,675) of the people voted "Yes" and 41.87 percent (4,087) of the people voted "No" in Levy County.

From a state perspective, the amendment passed with a vote of 64.1 percent "Yes" and 35. 9 percent "No." To adopt this new amendment, the vote had to be at least 60 percent "Yes."

It was an extraordinary turnout in Levy County. Of the 24,098 registered voters here, 9,965 voters participated. That is 41.34 percent.

"I thought it was great," Asbell said. "I was expecting 35 percent. Normally, not as many people turn out for the presidential primary."

There was a 37.6 percent turnout rate from the state perspective, according to Florida Division of Election records.

John Edwards came in second from the Democrats voting in Levy County with 30.08 percent. Third on the Democratic ticket, according to Levy County voters, was Barack Obama at 22.37 percent. Placing in single-digit or lower percentages from highest to lowest on the Democrat ballot in Levy County were Bill Richardson (2.57 percent), Joseph R. Biden Jr. (1.8 percent), Mike Gravel (1.02 percent), Dennis Kucinich (.8 percent) and Christopher J. Dodd (.73 percent) respectively.

From the state Democratic perspective, it was Obama 33 percent and Edwards 14.4 percent. All others were below 1 percent.

The number two choice of Republicans in Levy County was almost a tie. Mike Huckabee received 26.53 percent and Mitt Romney saw 26.48 percent of Levy County voters choosing him.

Rudy Giuliani got 9.10 percent of the Republican vote in Levy County. Other single digit Republican contenders, from Levy County voters' perspective, from highest to lowest were Ron Paul (3.77 percent), Fred Thompson (2.03 percent), Duncan Hunter (.31 percent), Alan Keyes (.26 percent) and Tom Tancredo (.09 percent).

From a state count of Republicans, it was Romney 31 percent, Giuliani 14.6 percent, Huckabee 13.5 percent, Paul 3.2 percent, Thompson 1.2 percent and all others less than 1 percent.