Letters for the week of August 14

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Don't skip the memories

 I just got back from attending my 40th reunion with the Largo High School Class of 1974. 

It was an epic weekend! We laughed, we cried, friendships were  renewed, we danced, we sang, and yes, we remembered the members of the class that attended whilst looking down from Heaven.

All of the cliques of our youth melted away! Jocks, geeks, hippies, preppies, cheerleaders, and the chess club united as one in the great equalizer that we called, "Fifty-eight years old."

There are a lot of excuses that people use to not attend a reunion, "I wasn't popular," "Nobody will remember me," "I just won't fit in." 

My advice is to put all of the justifications aside and Just go! 

Put on your lime-green leisure suit and platform shoes and just go! 

And while you are there, don't forget to make a memory!

Gene Barnett


Report animal abuse


Some weeks ago, in a Staff Report in the Chiefland Citizen a resident was arrested after it was learned that she abused her dog by "spanking her," shooting the dog and then would not permit  the dog food,water or medical treatment. She put the dog in a shed for a few  days and once removed from the shed, tied the dog to a tree and shot at the  dog numerous times, hitting it once in the leg.  

A disgusting crime! One that  deserves a community to take notice and speak out on such crimes. Our rescue groups and animal shelter are brimming over with abused animals. 

Who could  understand how anyone can lift  hand to harm a defenseless animal, causing it  

pain and breaking its spirit.  

Since January, we have found four abandoned and abused dogs on or near our property. The local politicians should make animal abuse a part of their agenda and certainly in their campaign "talking points.” 

It is an issue and it should be addressed publicly.  

I have written letters and made several calls regarding this issue.  Contact your state and local politicians. 

If you see abuse, report the abuse.  We can use animal advocates to appear in court at these hearings.  

Let's not sweep it under the carpet as though it does not exist here, in Chiefland.


Lucille Rese