Letters to the Editor published October 25

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The Divided 

States of America

I have always heard that "united we stand and divided we fall." What happened to the "United States"? In my three plus decades of living in America, I am depressed and angy at the condition our nation has developed over the last few years. There are many political parties, political action groups, lobbyists, associations, committees, etc. that have evolved and each blame our current situation of the nation of each other, while always taking credit for the good. If you've followed any of the recent speeches that have aired, you'd be convinced that our country is divided. It seems, to me, that greed is behind all the division that is present in all levels of government. It could be money, power, status, or all of the aforementioned that drives people to use any and all means to accomplish his or her special interests. Each interest group selects its best speech maker to charm the voters for its purposes. These "charmers" stretch and twist facts, tell outright lies, make outlandish promises, develop hidden agendas and grandstand with pressure tactics to sway people into their way of thinking. These "talkers" usually win elections regardless of their understanding of the issues. This brainwashing has allowed many laws, rules and regulations to pass through our government agencies in our cities, counties, states and the nation. The speech writers and politicians want a "wow factor" to dazzle the people into making decisions that may not be correct. I think some of the speeches are nothing but hot air!

I'm tired of the quarreling, bickering, name calling, blame game that our politicians use to their advantage. Political office should be a privilege, to serve and improve our communities. Unfortunately, in many cases people have used these political offices for their own benefit or for some advantage of their supporters—the ones who cannot make a good speech. It has become so profitable that some make it a career. Demand has risen during the past few years, and out universities have developed a degree in political science. In my opinion, this was not originally intended.

You had enough? How do we unite? What do you think?

Keith Richeson, Chiefland


Guide our hearts

Ronald Reagan, during his presidency, once stated that the issues before the American people were no longer a matter of right and left but really one of right and wrong. How true! The inescapable reality must be recognized that all decisions of human behavior are based on moral standards. This is particularly true when we consider the so-called social issues of human sexuality, specifically abortion, homosexuality, perversions, marriage, etc.

Note that as progressivism has progressed, our society has become much more liberated from prevailing cultural and religious constraints. Do we not see then that the serious issues challenging us all today have in fact become choices between good and evil? Some people would deny the very existence of evil, but Christ certainly knew otherwise. He taught his disciples thst they should pray to the Heavenly Father to "deliver us from evil."

Evil is defined as that which is contrary to moral code. For Jews and Christians, this means that which is contrary to the clear biblical teachings, both Old and New Testament, as applicable, meaning, the Levitical laws on one hand and the teachings of Christ and the apostles on the other. All of these in turn have formed the cultural, moral, legal and religious foundation of America and indeed of Western civilization itself.

Need it be pointed out from a very pragmatic viewpoint that this religio-cultural heritage has, over the 19th and 20th Centuries, brought forth the most prosperous, powerful and freest nation on earth—our blessed U.S.A.

Now, we are witnessing the disintegration of this truly unique nation. Something had gone wrong. What could that thing possibly be? A serious look at our history reveals that America has, in fact, been going down for a long time — decades. Have we violated our codes of conduct, our moral laws? The answer should be obvious — in that the U.S. and western civilization have forsaken these traditions and values and a reaping the consequences as a result.

Again, the scriptures clearly and repeatedly tell us that despite the laws of man to the contrary, the eternal, unchanging laws of God overrule those of mankind.

Is it not obvious that any law that permits the premeditated destruction of innocent, helpless human life necessarily cheapens it, so that no one should be at all surprised when the Independent Payment Advisory Board denies his own necessary and life-saving medical care? When human life is cheapened, everyone's life becomes worth less.

I will not attempt to tell anyone how to vote this November. God himself gives us the power of choice. But we are well advised to remind ourselves that we, each and all, will most certainly reap that which we have sown. Regardless of persons we put into government this fall, we shall deserve the results thereof. The choice before us now is truly life or death. So, which will we choose?

"Heavenly father, we ask you to guide our hearts as we choose those who will lead us, and in turn cause our leaders to seek your face and guidance in every decision so that we may all return wholly unto thee and be most pleasing in thy sight through Christ the Lord, in whose name we pray Amen." —Timothy 1-4; Daniel 4:17

Henry C. Richstine, Old Town