Letters to the Editor for July 11

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Thanks for the support

Levy County Schools Foundation, School Board of Levy County and it’s Fourth grade teachers and students would like to say thanks to the following for sponsoring The Horse Tales Literacy Project:

Ms. Cindy Roach

Bronson Chamber of Commerce

Cedar Key Lions Club

The Chiefland Rotary

The Williston Rotary

SunCoast Schools Credit Union


Well worth 

the effort

Dear Sheriff McCallum:

It is with a grateful heart that we write to you to thank you for allowing the continuation of the Levy County Safety patrol trip to Washington, D.C. Of course, this could not happen without your outstanding staff of school resource officers, under the supervision of Lt. Sean Mullins and Sgt. Max Long. You and your staff are appreciated! 

Yes, sir, we just returned from this pilgrimage to our nation’s capital, June 17-21. Woo-hoo! In addition to Lt. Mullins and Sgt. Long, hats off to our deputies: Joe Barrera, Steve Ellis and Grant Sandlin. Of course, having veteran Donna Roe “come out of retirement” was appreciated. Williston’s (and Yankeetown’s) staff members were Officers Grant – “OG” – and Joe. (Thanks a million, guys!) Kudos also to our nurses—Laurel Barwick and Kelly Beauchamp.  And even that l-o-n-g bus ride to and from was broken up with frequent stops; our hosts were always thoughtful of our needs, no matter what. As in the past, Rhesa Collop from Educational Tours was always available and ready to meet any problem head-on, and we appreciate her as well. The entire trip was well-organized, educational, and fun.

That your people take such amazingly good care of us is a fact, but also equally important are our dedicated chaperones. Forty-one patrols were chaperoned by 22 adults. Each one took his/her job very seriously. (For some students this was their first venture away from their parents.) Helen Darling, my co-adviser, and I are so very thankful for these fantastic folks who gave of their time to accompany us. Their positive attitudes and can-do approach to whatever was asked of them made this trip a huge success for us, plus we had a great group of patrollers. We feel privileged to have had the honor of being their advisers. Indeed, we have an “attitude of gratitude".

As you know, each patroller must pay $661 for his/her trip. We certainly feel that those many hours of fund-raising were worth it. For example, we received more than $9,000 in generous donations from a variety of sponsors for our 5th Annual “Cruzin’ for Kidz” motorcycle ride. Some of the patrollers even earned enough money to pay for their chaperones’ trips.

While we were in DC, our WES patrollers and chaperones experienced something very special. Just to soak up all that history about the founding of our nation and to learn about many of the people who had a hand in making their dream of independence a reality are two reasons to continue this more-than-worthwhile trip. These young Americans can’t help but come to realize that freedom isn’t free. Many of this year’s travelers really enjoyed the Army’s Twilight Tattoo, an evening military program. Of course, the various Smithsonian museums left them awestruck. 

Besides the educational aspect, we also feel this trip provides our patrollers opportunities to get to know each other better, to learn how to be more mindful of others and to bond even closer to the other members of their group. Those three days are jam-packed with unforgettable sights, sounds and experiences they’ll never replicate. These life skills will serve our rising sixth graders as they move on to the challenging years of middle school.

So thank you, Sheriff McCallum, for continuing the tradition of the Trip to Washington for our safety patrollers. I know you are proud to have such dedicated people who stand ready to serve working for you in the sheriff’s office. That they are serving young people, I think, only adds another star to their crown. We’re already looking forward to the 2014 trip.


Lisa Statham Posteraro,

Helen K. Darling, and

Williston Elementary School.