Letters to the editor

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By The Staff

Responding on health care

I can not resist responding to the “Reform health care now” letter of the Nov. 26.  The dear lady is absolutely on track.  Our European brothers and especially the French should set the stage for our reform!  I wonder while we are at it why not revamp our entire Government and pattern it upon a European model.

Health care reform certainly has a ring to it.  

Pre-existing candidates, yes a great idea and why not include the terminally ill too!  There should be no concern too serious to prevent our Government from guaranteeing quality health care insurance.  The only qualification that should be required is to determine if the candidate is alive.

Most certainly the President’s Health Care Plan is right on.  Everyone who is jobless, homeless and let’s not discriminate between those who choose to not hold down a job and to be sure to keep the door open to those who brave the chilly waters of the Rio Grande River to sign up for our New Reformed Health Care package!

Let me not forget the “Drug Doughnut Holes”.  AARP has been kind enough to help us see how they can open our eyes to these insurance failures.  The bottom line is to appoint a Congressional Commission to Plug them Holes, never let a Doughnut Hole escape!

I realize I began this letter showing favoritism to the French.  How rude!  We need to look to the leading countries of the world for oversight and to glean from their expertise.  Somewhere near the top of the list should be Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and China.  While we are at it, we surely can gather in-depth insight from India, Somalia and Mexico, leaders of the world in innovative medical practice.  In my ignorance I am surely leaving out other world class progressives of medicine.  Above all, let’s be fair in our international solicitation of innovative medical insurance protection and practice.

Finally let’s consider these last few points:

Get Government out of Health Care.

Only American Citizens qualify.

Allow those who choose to purchase Health Insurance to cross state lines to competing companies to drive the costs down.

Torte Reform freeing doctors from frivolous litigation.

Curtail or stop taxation of the Medical industry to increase incentive to keep the industry within our borders.

Lastly, let me apologize to the dear lady who originally responded with the letter on Nov. 26.  I know that this letter is tongue in cheek but as a senior citizen I want to see our Government RETURNED to us, the people.  Stop the unbridled spending in Washington. Let’s get involved and get the graft and corruption out of our Government.  They are spending our grandchildren’s future into the poor house.  Go Mad! (Make a Difference)

Roger H. Allen


Greetings from Cedar Key

We are vacationing here from Chattanooga and I was hoping your editor could submit the enclosed article from Lisa Edwards who was a coworker in Chattanooga. She lives in Trenton, Ga. which is close to Chattanooga.

She is a volunteer for the local animal shelter and she sees first-hand the abuse, neglect and mistreatment of dogs and cats.

And after reading a letter to the editor from a Ron Benton, it is obvious that there are many citizens who are concerned bout the ignorance in some cases or heartless actions by some pet owners.

Lisa’s article was submitted to several various newspapers in Tennessee, and hopefully because your paper has a 500-word limit as opposed to a 250-word limit like some, this will be printed.

If this article will save just one pet from mistreatment it will be worth it!

Thank you,

Roger H. Groot

Cleveland, Tenn.

Big thank yous all around

Holy Cross Catholic Mission sends a big thank you to all those who helped make our 31st Annual Dixie County Senior’s Thanksgiving Dinner on Nov. 17 such a success.

Thank you to Debbie Ladu, the caterer, Nancy Holland, coordinator & Sweet Potato cook, all the ladies who baked the wonderful pies, & the all volunteers who decorated, served the food & did all the miscellaneous things that needed to be done to feed our Seniors.

We especially thank all you Seniors who joined us in fellowship.

The Council of Catholic Women sends out an even bigger thank you to all those who made our 2nd Annual Craft Fair on Nov. 7 a huge success.

Thank you to Peggy Ashcroft & Linda Brandt who worked so hard to coordinate the event. Especially thank you to the vendors: Ara’s Craft’s, Aunt Mary’s Craft’s, Bobby Fogelman, Cricket Poter of Cricket’s Crafts, Haven Hospice, Knights Of Columbus, Maria Grant of Maria’s Nut House, Masters and Martin, Nell’s silk Flowers, Robert Bruton of Chain Saw Design, St. Johns C.C.W., St. Vincent De Paul, Spagna Crafts, Suzie’s Photo’s, Tomcat, Wildlife T’s and T-shirts, and Words Of Wisdom.

Thank you also to those who donated items or services for the raffles: Black Diamond, Cheeks Pharmacy, Cypress Inn Restaurant, Dairy Queen, Dana’s Italian Restaurant, Foodland, Gail’s Restaurant, Hardees, Hitchcocks, Kathy Sausen, Kelly Deen’s, Kings Tire, L.A. Nails, Lighthouse, Liles Ace Hardware, Madeline Fossellbloom, Nancy Holland, Old Town Barbershop, PlayStation, Tractor-Supply, and Winn-Dixie and those who provided the music.

God blessed us with beautiful weather so we could share our time and talents.

Ginger Spenard