Letter: Hard times could ease with a little resourcefulness

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By The Staff

Hey Ya’ll – Is there anything that can be done to help improve our local economy? This is a question for everyone – you, me prospective  businessmen, county commissioners, the state, county and private landowners. Well, let’s all take our imaginations off the leash here for a few moments and ask ourselves some hypothetical questions. What ain’t been tried yet?

What do we have in this area of Florida that would be used in an environmentally friendly way to generate new business and family recreation? What kind of recreation could be created from existing environmental resources that would attract local folks and visitors, young and old alike?

For a moment here let’s all think  “what if.”  Let’s see, are there any old spring fed rock quarries around here? I have been told by others that there are all different sizes and depths of water, some so large in the Ichetucknee area that a bass boat could operate on them. What if they could be promoted and used as new fresh water fishing destinations? What if these new outdoor sport lakes, family destinations were advertised and promoted well in local newspapers and magazines, gaining state and national fame? What if these new fishing holes were being stocked with fresh water fish by using the proper agencies to generate new commerce? The lakes could have on site fishing tackle shacks, picnic pavilions and restrooms. Fishing tournaments for families and professionals could be promoted. Could private landowners; state or county agencies generate employment or revenue from this concept?

Now, wait a minute you say, these are not normal ways of business for this area. But what is normal? Normal was an idea that someone experimented with and it worked and it became an excepted business concept. Imagine a summer camp sport lake where children can ride a small jet ski with their parent for the first time. Can you see them smiling in your mind? Hey, let’s not forget the scuba clubs and their divers. What if a large deep rock quarry was used for a fantastic dive location that features the searching for a lost treasure chest somewhere on the bottom? Perhaps two hundred dollars of American coin in that small treasure box as the prize that was generated by the dive fees of the many divers that are participating in the event.

Imagine the scuba diver magazine publicity that could be generated. What scuba diver would not enjoy the excitement of looking for a treasure box?

This article has only been a thinking exercise. Now imagine what if everyone tried to think of new ways to create new businesses that generate revenue and opportunity. Maybe some of those so-called “wild ideas” just might work.

Andrew Moody