Letter: Dear RNC, Please take notice!

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By The Staff

I am a life long Republican. I am a retired senior citizen. I, like countless others are inundated with solicitations through the mail and phone from the RNC, specific Congressmen and Senators. They all want monetary support and would like me to fill out a survey in which the brain dead could respond. So, I thought I would send an e-mail to the New York Times and my home papers with hopes that someone from the RNC would take notice.

First of all the Republican Party needs to apologize to the American people. You have touted yourselves as being the champion of the people including the businessman. As far as I am able to ascertain you are the mirror image of the DNC. You don’t speak the same language as they do but you spend without accountability as enthusiastically as the Democrats. My thesis is simple:

We the people, both Democrat and Republican are totally fed up with wasteful spending and self serving government. I mean stop it before you destroy us.

• If possible stop what is left of the Stimulus Package.

• Stop Cap and Trade.

• Stop the Health Care Package.


• Balance the Budget

• Bring our Valiant Military home in Victory. Listen to the Generals in the field.† Stop the politicians from trying to run the war.

• Exploit Nuclear energy.

• Drill now in the Continental USA including ANWAR for oil and gas. We have to become energy independent.

• Stop the Taxation on Business forcing them overseas.

• Stop the Politically Correct nonsense.

• Allow citizens to purchase Health Insurance across state borders. I DON’T WANT GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH INSURANCE!

• Stop funding the ACLU and all anti-American organizations.

• Keep God in America. If you don’t like Him that’s OK.

• Judges are to interpreted the Law and not the Constitution.

• Protect families. Stop making the access to pornography a “right” protected by the Constitution. Prosecute peddlers of filth.

• Make all citizens carry a photo ID. Without it no one can receive the benefits of citizenship without being a Citizen of the greatest country in the world.

Roger H. Allen