Leadline safety with large animals

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It is so sad to hear of the child that was severely injured from leading her horse that spooked during a thunderstorm.  I pray she will recover.
But a reminder of how to safely lead animals is appropriate: Never coil leadlines with the hand inside the coils.  Instead, use both hands to hold the line straight. Another method is to fold the line like a three-fold letter and place the hand totally over the line.
Accidents can still happen but will be much less dangerous, usually.
Then with a lifetime around horses, there is the accident I experienced recently when my mount spooked and bolted with a sideways buck. That is a tough maneuver to ride and I went off on my shoulder. 
At the same instant she spooked, the pony line horse also bolted and yanked the 12-foot lead through my hand, which was gripped with the reins with no fingers seperated, like in a fist carry. 
Before the pony horse departed, I was flying in the air and the speed of his yank managed to sprain my thumb. With gloves, I at least escaped rope burn (Martial arts training helps us fall right, if there is a "right").
So, the moral of story is we are not invincible.
Jean Wonser
Gilchrist County