Landfill fees go up Nov. 30

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By Jeff M. Hardison

BRONSON -- Williston City Council member Debra F. Jones said Nov. 6 that the city may stop having garbage service as a result of an increase in fees by Levy County.

The County Commission approved the increase 4-1, with Commissioner Nancy Bell casting the dissenting vote. This is the first time in 18 years that dumping fees increased at the landfill. The new rates take effect Nov. 30.

Jones said the city's budget is set and the fiscal year just began. There are only about 1,000 households, she said, and the city must increase the garbage service fee to absorb the increased fees at the county landfill. She noted Williston is the last city in Levy County to have garbage service that is not a franchised operation.

Bell protested against "tipping fees" increasing so dramatically in one year, even though they remained stable for almost two decades. Government Services Group of Tallahassee created a new rate structure to meet the budgetary needs of the landfill. There was no step-method for upping the ante for garbage drop offs.

The following fees will apply as of Nov. 30:

Bagged 30-gallon capacity household garbage with an eight-bag limit will cost 75-cents per bag, with a minimum $2.25 fee.

Household garbage in quantities greater than eight bags will cost $61 per ton.

The per-ton rate for brush, limbs, yard waste, and construction and demolition debris will cost $34 per ton.

Appliances and "white goods" will cost $68 per ton. Mixed garbage will cost $204 per ton.

Passenger car tire disposal fees will be $2 per tire, with a 10-tire limit. More than 10 passenger car tires will cost $136 per ton.

Commercial tires will increase to $175 per ton. Off road tires and tractor tires will increase to $275 per ton.

Commission Chairman Sammy Yearty said he favors funding the landfill from tipping fees, because then it is a user-financed operation.

Landfill Director Benny Jerrels reminded the commission that hazardous waste is accepted without any fees each Monday and used motor oil can be dropped off six days a week without a fee.