Lady Indians struggle against Trenton

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By Jenna McKenna

In their season-opening five-point loss to district rival Williston, Chiefland girls played a solid game, leading for a half and putting on a good late rally despite a third quarter collapse. Chiefland looked flat and out of sync Tuesday in an all-over-the-place 48-33 loss at Trenton. An early lead against Williston had allowed them to play with composure; against Trenton, though, their composure was sorely tested, starting, no doubt, with a 17-point first quarter deficit from which they really never recovered.

“We couldn't hit the broad side of a barn,” said head coach Emily Gore afterward, clearly distressed with the Indians' early shooting.

Trenton, on the other hand, had a can't-miss first quarter, followed by three fairly steady quarters. They never again outdid their early barrage, which included an 11-point deluge by Kayla Gent, but did persevere from the field, going inside enough to draw seven trips to the free throw line in the second half and converting five of 13 free throws.

Chiefland's shooting improved in the second quarter, led by Madalyn McCray with four points of the Indians' 10. Chiefland gave themselves more chances by applying tougher defense, and actually outscored Trenton in the second and third quarters, but never put up enough points to get out of the hole.

Renashia Bowers got the Indians started in the second quarter as she put in a layup off the break. Chiefland got a lot of transition points against the Tigers, trapping to force turnovers, and guards Charlene Davis and Janessa Barrios passed the ball to set up opportunities.

Davis picked up her shooting in the third quarter with a three and a putback, and Sharnese Rome and Kadijah Bowers chipped in a bucket each. Trenton had only six points on the quarter, but it was enough to stay far ahead.

The Indians shot decently again in the fourth quarter, but the Tigers had also recovered their shot, outscoring their guests 13-10 in the last eight minutes. Katelyn Allen found Davis on the perimeter for a three-ball, and Renashia Bowers had a pair of transition buckets. Kadijah Bowers scored on a putback, but for the most part, the Indians were outrebounded by Trenton. Kanece Richardson led the Tigers in the remaining minutes, racking up a putback, three free throws and a three-pointer.

“We've got a lot to work on, definitely,” Gore said.

“We had trouble against their half court press, the way we did against Williston.”

Gore conceded that a lot of the team's difficulties were due to inexperience.”

“We're a young team, not real confident with the ball yet. Trenton's a good team, very solid.”