Kudos for Capshaw

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I feel compelled to let you know how much I have enjoyed the sports coverage in your paper.  I believe Mr. Capshaw is responsible for making this happen.  Never before have the students had so much coverage.  

The articles he writes are so uplifting.  The students respect Mr. Capshaw so much.  I have enjoyed his presence whether it is at football games, basketball games, baseball or softball games.  It is always a pleasure to correspond with Mr. Capshaw.  He is a wonderful representation for the Chiefland Citizen.  You are very lucky to have a gentlemen like Mr. Capshaw work for your paper. 

I will admit in times past, I would not even bother reading the sports sections of your paper.  I find that all that has changed just since Mr. Capshaw has been working for you.  

Through his attitude and his articles you can tell that he loves his job and the kids he writes about.  I work with the cheerleaders at Chiefland High School, never before have my cheerleaders felt like they were somebody.  

Mr. Capshaw has always taken the time to speak to us and make us feel just as important as the players on the fieled or the court.  Mr. Capshaw even took the time to teach my girls a new cheer.  

I could go on and on in regards to the great things that I see in Mr. Capshaw. I am not sure if you have selections for employee of the month or year, but Mr. Capshaw gets my vote.

Please let him know how much we truly appreciate his professionalism and his great care that he gives the Chiefland High School Students.

Thanks again

Donna Brock

Chiefland High School

Cheerleading Sponsor