If at first you don't shoplift

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By The Staff

A 49-year-old Cross City woman wasted no time following through with shoplifting after being questioned about a failed shoplifting incident earlier that same day.
Bennie M. Wiley was charged with misdemeanor retail theft on April 12. She first was questioned during a traffic stop by the Chiefland Police Department about attempted shoplifting at Chiefland Package. According to the arrest report, Wiley stated, "The lady got it back." No charges were filed because no items were actually removed from the store.
Officer Matthew J. Poppell then followed Wiley in a white van to Walgreens where he observed her exit the van and enter the store with an empty purse. After a few moments, Poppell then saw Wiley through the front glass of the store walk past the cashier and exit the store carrying a purse that was "completely full and bulging outward."
Poppell ordered Wiley to stop and then she stated, "Damn! You got me!" and threw the purse on the sidewalk, according to the arrest report. As the purse struck the ground, several items fell out. Officer Poppell then escorted her back into the store where she admitted to taking the items without paying. Wiley then stated that she had more items under her dress, and she pulled out two packs of children's undergarments. The total amount of the recovered items was valued at $164.95.
Wiley was transported to the Levy County Jail.