Hot enough for football

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By Jenna McKenna

Chiefland football (and everything else) coach emeritus C. Doyle McCall poked his head through the film room door into the crowded weight room and surveyed the landscaped crammed with camp cots. He smiled as he walked through the room and shook hands with veteran Indian linemen Alex English and Cason Nessmith.


Asked for his prediction on the season, he asked, “How do I think we're going to do this year?”

“I'd like us to go 10-0 and get back into the playoffs. I don't know if you'd call that a prediction, but that's what I'd like.”

He, and everyone else. Put away the summer calendars – it's football time again.

The Indians walked into camp on Monday, strengthened by summer workouts and ready for the hardening of fall practice. After checking in to the weight room, setting up their sleeping areas and getting ready to bunk down with the team for the next three days, some 50 varsity and JV players went to the broiling practice field to run timed 40s and shuttles.

Camp is the time to meet and exceed limits, to push past whatever one thought was possible into the realm of the incredible. Indians' head coach Ajay Ulmer and his coaching staff dogged the players, urging them through the conditioning course again and again. When they broke to get water, Ulmer's shout carried across the field and made them trot quickly back into formation:

“It might hurt right now, but at the end of the game when the buzzer sounds and we run into the locker room with the victory, you'll be glad we did it.”

Full contact practice begins Thursday, as the Indians get ready for their preseason jamboree against Suwannee Live Oak, at home at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 28. The Indians start their regular season at Hawthorne on Sept. 4, and play their first home game the following week, Sept. 11, against Citrus Inverness.