Home invasion suspect's dinner interrupted

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By The Staff

It was hunger that did in the second suspect in a home invasion robbery in Bronson on May 10.
Levy County Sheriff's deputies and U.S. Marshals, acting on a tip, arrested Patrick Shawn McLaughlin, 45, as he tried to enjoy a quiet dinner at the Barnyard Junction Restaurant in Fort White.
Deputies from Columbia County and Levy County  took McLaughlin into custody and treated him to breakfast guaranteed at the Columbia County Detention Facility.
McLaughlin and Aaron Michael Miller, 31,  are accused of breaking into a home while a couple was in bed before 11:30 p.m. on May 10, according to a sheriff's press release.
The two men claimed to be collecting a debt owed by the wife. When the husband attempted to get out of bed to retrieve his wallet he was pushed onto the bed by McLaughlin and they fought. The wife broke up the fight and demanded the two intruders leave or she would call police. McLaughlin grabbed the woman and took two cell phones away from her while Miller located and took the husband's wallet, according to the release.
Miller was later located and arrested in Bronson. He is charged with home invasion robbery and depriving a victim of 911. Miller's bond is $500,000.
McLaughlin is charged with home invasion with a weapon and tampering in a felony life capital proceeding. His bond is $500,000.
Both men are in Levy County Jail.