Help the family of Michael Dunn

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By The Staff

Sheila Smith is worried about her neighbors, Anthony and Christine Dunn. The couple lost their son, Michael Dunn, just before Christmas in a tragic accident at their home off County Road 232.

Since the accident, Smith said both of Michael’s parents, as well as his two sisters, have really been struggling with the loss of such a special boy. Driving the family minivan, which is the vehicle that ran over Michael, has been especially difficult, so the family plans to trade in the vehicle, Smith explained last week.

“They are such a good family,” Smith said.

Their neighbor also explained that driving over the spot in their driveway where Michael was hit and trapped beneath the family’s minivan is also especially difficult.

In trying to help the family heal, Smith is asking the community to step up and help the Dunn family in their time of need. She is looking for volunteers to help change the look and feel of the family’s driveway. Smith would like to form a new driveway route from the highway up to the Dunn’s home, along with some new plants and a fountain on the spot where Michael died. New grass would ideally be planted along with lime rock to cover the sugar sand driveway.

“I hope this is something we can get done by the end of February,” Smith said. “I think we can get to work just as soon as we get enough people to help.”

For more information on how you can assist with this project financially, or to volunteer your time, call Sheila Smith at (352)        226-4869 or (352) 493-4948.