Have you met a celebrity?

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By The Staff

Have you been in a busy airport and spotted a movie star across the concourse?

Did you approach him and start a conversation, pose for a picture or ask for an autograph?

Have you stayed in a hotel and ridden down the elevator with a sports figure, but couldn't get the courage to speak?

Have you gone to a concert and managed a sneak peak at the singer behind the scenes or getting on her tour bus?

The Chiefland Citizen is looking for Levy Countians who have had celebrity encounters to tell their stories in their own words.

So far, readers have told us about meeting Willie Nelson, John Anderson and Tommy Lasorda. On Feb. 28, we'll share those stories and pictures with you.

In 100 words or less, write us about how you met any celebrity. We're looking for meetings with actors, politicians, musicians and sports heroes-those impromptu encounters that caused you to be a little star struck.

If you happened to get that "I really did see him" photo, enclose it. All pictures will be returned.

The Citizen will print your celebrity encounters in the Feb. 28 edition.

E-mail your celebrity encounter story and photo to: editor@chiefland citizen.com before Monday, Feb. 25.

Or you can drop it in the mail to:

Celebrity Encounter

c/o Carolyn Risner, Editor

P.O. Drawer 980

Chiefland, FL 32644.

We're also looking for Leap Year babies-those born on Feb. 29.

If you're one of those who celebrates a birthday once every four years, call Carolyn at 493-4796 before Monday, Feb. 18.

We want to share your story.