Hastings reorganizes school system

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Superintendent shuffles administrators

By Kellie Parkin

In an effort to streamline costs Superintendent Bob Hastings announced the elimination of eight administrative positions Tuesday, including Director of Literacy, Director of Secondary Education, Assistant Director of MIS/ Technology, Coordinator of Testing/Attendance/Truancy, Coordinator of Supplemental Educational Services, Coordinator of ESOL, Teacher on Special Assignment over Instruction/Curriculum, and Evaluation Specialist.

"The positions are no longer there or their responsibilities have changed," Hastings told the School Board.

Hastings estimated significant savings at the district level due to the reorganization. "It would be in the neighborhood of $225,000 to $250,000." With the elimination of other administrative positions at the school level - including two guidance counselors, two deans and one assistant principal - more than half a million dollars will be saved. "We have a total savings in excess of $600,000," he said.

Hastings said that he had opted for administrative cuts so as to not disrupt classes. "I'm trying to keep as many people employed in the classroom as possible."

Hasting also announced the creation of one new position, Coordinator of School Improvement and recommended that Kathy Lawrence fill the post.

Hastings plans to leave the second Assistant Superintendent position unfilled until the economy improves. "I am not of the opinion that we do not need a second assistant superintendent," he said. "But due to the constraints we're operating under, I would ask that it not be filled."

Under the new structure, current Assistant Superintendent Jeff Edison will assume the role of Director of Administration, a position created from some that were eliminated.

Patrick Wnek, current Director of Secondary Ed, will become the Director of Curriculum.

The new organizational chart has the Director of Administration, Director of Curriculum, and all principals reporting to the Assistant Superintendent, who then reports to the Superintendent.

The School Board unanimously approved the restructuring plan.

Hastings emphasized that the oversight of the budget, grants, state and federal requirements performed by administrative personnel is critical to the operation of the school district. "People don't realize the work that has to come out of this office. There is a tremendous amount of accountability. Sixty-nine million is a lot of accountability. When you have 900 employees and a $70 million budget it takes oversight."

Hasting said that he was optimistic about the reorganization. "I am very excited about the team and the work that we can get done next year."