Happy Thanksgiving from the Chiefland Citizen

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 It's the time of year when we sit down and count our blessings — Thanksgiving. 

We will sit around the table with family and friends and remember for the moment we are the luckiest folks on Earth. Then we will destroy someone's hours (maybe even days) of work in the kitchen in a matter of minutes. 

By happenstance, and due to a lunar calendar, this is also the first day of Hannukah. It's a day when Jews around the world remember the miracle of recovering their temple and how a one day supply of oil for the temple's lamp lasted eight days until new oil could be prepared. That is a miraculous blessing that sheds its light even into our times. 

The Chiefland Citizen, Cedar Key Beacon and Tri County Bulletin staff listed below want to thank our advertisers and readers for choosing to make our publication the No. 1 choice for news, and advertising in print and online in Levy County. 

Our offices will be closed on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday so we can spend time with family and friends.

We will return to work at 9 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 2. 

Thank you. 

Tom Ten Broeck, General Manager

Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

Gina MacKenzie, Advertising Account Representative

Karen Sloat, Advertising Account Representative

Marcia Vaughn, Circulation Manager

Fred Wilson, Ad Production

Mark Scohier, Staff Writer

Melissa Waters, Classified Advertising and Customer Service

Ashley Thornton, Classified Advertising and Customer Service

John Jones, Contract Distribution