Guide to election day transportation

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Transportation services will be provided to all Levy County voters that wish to vote early or on election day.

• An application must be completed to be eligible for this service.

• When calling Levy County Transit you must know the day you wish to vote.

• Place reservation three (3) days in advance (not including weekends/holidays).

• If a trip needs to be canceled, the rider must give 24 hours notice.

• Transit has a two (2) hour window, which means you may be picked up two hours prior to your appointment.

• You will be picked up from your residence and transported to your destination.

• The return pick up window for transit includes 15 minutes before the scheduled time and up to 30 minutes after the scheduled time.

• Drivers have a 15 minute drop off window from your scheduled drop off time.

Levy County Transit Contact Information

Office Hours - Monday through Friday, 6 a. m. to 6 p. m. Phone - 352.486.3485 Toll Free - 1.800.733.5389 Fax - 352.486.3312

Transit Code of Conduct

Riders and Drivers are required to follow these rules of conduct to ensure everyone’s safety:

• Smoking or any form of tobacco is not permitted on the vehicle.

• Eating or drinking is not permitted on the vehicle unless medically necessary.

• Riders and Drivers under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

• Abusive, threatening, obscene language or similar actions are not permitted.

• Operating or tampering with equipment while on board the vehicle is prohibited.

• Passengers may use personal listening devices with headphones only.

• Any behavior that is disruptive to the driver or other passengers will not be tolerated.

• Riders are not permitted to ask drivers for special treatment or to make extra stops during transport.

• Riders are not permitted to exit the vehicle during transport until they have reached their destination.