Ground yourself to avoid being deceived

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By Louis Abel

 “.....Be careful that you are not deceived....” 

Luke 21:8


     A good friend of mine was “taken in” recently.  A man, driving a new luxury car, stopped at his place of business with a trunk full of jewelry.  He claimed that he had purchased this merchandise at a tremendous discount, and was passing on the savings to those people who might be interested in making a few extra dollars.

Taking out a box, he displayed some very impressive and expensive-looking watches.  Across the face of the dials was written what appeared to be one of the best-known and most trusted names in the watch field.

My friend was very much impressed, especially so when this “gentleman” informed him that he could buy them for only $100 each.  What a bargain, he thought; and so he purchased 13 of them with the thought of re-selling them for more.

The jewelry salesman left, and my friend began to examine the merchandise more carefully.  What a shock he received!  Looking even more closely he discovered that the name on the face of the watch was not that of a famous make after all.  Two letters had been changed in the word, but the printing was so small that he hadn’t noticed it before.The watch strap itself bore the information that it was “Genuine Lizard,” and on the back of the watch case were imprinted these words: “Swiss base metal.”  The imprint on the face of the dial also seemed to convey the idea that it was an electric timepiece.

Without careful examination one would be led to believe it was a famous make, had a genuine leather band, and an electric movement.

 As I talked to him about this, I was reminded of the words of the Savior in Luke 21:  “Be careful that you are not deceived.”  Even as in the watch business, so there are those in religious circles who would attempt to lead us astray.  Using theological terminology, they seek to trick us into accepting their foolish doctrines as the truth.

Today with so many strange voices being heard across our land, what a need there is for us to be grounded firmly in the Word of God, so that we can’t be deceived.

Louis Abel is pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Chiefland.