Got it straight!

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 If I may respond to Mr. Harris’s letter of rebuttal on the Tarmac Mine.
 The economic information I related, was extracted from a 53-page, economic impact study prepared by Dr. Richard Weisskoff,  senior professor in Economics, University of Miami,  "Economic Impact of Mining on Levy County, Florida – A Strategic View.”
The Hurricane information was provided by sources such as NOAA and the National Hurricane Center which I researched, readily available to all.
Mr. Harris states that his economic calculations are based on fact and independent verified studies. I presume that Mr. Harris is alluding to the “Urban Impact and Proximity Study of the Proposed King Road Aggregate  Mine” prepared by Michael McElveen, John Sabatini and Mark Becker, all certified state general real estate appraisers, which they prepared for Tarmac America.
On page three of that report it states as follows, quote “This analysis only considers the positive economic value, in the terms of dollars or jobs resulting from business activities that occur at the King Road Aggregate Mine. This study does not account for any cost to the government or surrounding community resulting from the development.  Input-output modeling  is static in nature.  This study does not evaluate the speed with which one economic activity will affect others.  
Indirect and induced impacts may take weeks, months or years to conclude.  Possible effects on regional prices for  goods, services or real estate are not factored into or predicted by standard I-O analysis.  Estimates of indirect and induced impacts calculated by the  model are largely based on national averages and their accuracy rests on the  assumption that the economic relationship between business and institutions in the study area are similar to those of the national economy. Verifying or validating data provided by clients, affiliated businesses and local government agencies was beyond the scope of this study” Unquote.
There is a cover letter accompanying the study addressed to a Mr. Albert Townsend, Tarmac America, LLC, from Michael A McElveen, MAI.
I’ll leave it up to the readers to conclude which study has the weight of accuracy and credibility, behind it, one prepared by a senior professor of Economics at the University of Miami or another, prepared by three real estate agent-appraisers.
Noel K. Desmond