Good things come to those who wait

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By The Staff

For almost a year the Chiefland Citizen has been in the beginning stages of creating a more reader-friendly, informative website.

At long last, after trials, mistakes, crashed computers and a few missed deadlines, this week we go live with what can be best described as a work in progress.

Online readers will still find us at www.chieflandcitizen.com.

We haven't moved, but our accommodations are more modern, more detailed, more in-depth than what you're used to seeing when you log on.

Right now, our main objective is to get the news up quickly so there will be no inconvenience to the 25,000 of you who log on monthly.

In weeks ahead as we become more comfortable with the new process, you will see other enhancements and more stories.

Our capabilities, in time, will be endless as we strive to compete in a technological market where everyone is clamoring for the last 15 minutes of down time you have.

The new website will offer more photographs, national headlines, weather, video, blog space and of course, advertising.

We ask as we adapt to the changes we face, you have patience with us.

There may be times when punctuation lands in the middle of a word.

You may see a photo caption, but no photo.

There may be entire sections that don't have a single story in them.

Bear with us.

It's coming.

And when it does, know that the staff of this newspaper has done it for you and for your convenience.

You are the reason we do what we do, none other.

Good things come to those who wait.

You'll see.