Good News: Loving living in Levy County

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Tell us your favorite thing about residing here

By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

I know there’s a perception that media folks are always critical of everything. But I hope it’s not so.

And I have had folks in Levy express disdain for folks who move here for its wonderful atmosphere, or any of a variety of reasons, then promptly turn around and want to change it into wherever they came from. It’s a valid complaint.

But I realized recently how wholeheartedly I have come to embrace Levy County when I cringed at the responses of two job applicants to the question: What do you know about Levy County?

“Well I’ve been to Cedar Key.”

I know Stanly Bird of Island House Hotel would have been gratified to hear that response. During a Tourist Development Council meeting a while back, Bird said, “Cedar Key is the Disney of Levy County.”

I know this will just infuriate some folks, but Cedar Key is not all of Levy County.

Those job applicants, who did not win the nod, showed their ignorance about the glories of Levy County beyond Cedar Key.

And, heavens knows, they had to pass a few of them on their way to Cedar Key or the job interview.

Which leads me to ask: What do you like about Levy County?

It’s so obvious, but let’s talk about what we like about Levy. I would like to collect everyone’s favorite things about Levy County.

One man I spoke to said he loved that when he walks into a bank he does not have to wait on a line.

Another mentioned just driving in Levy. I’m with him. The sight of oaks, huge, spreading, moss draped and numerous.

There’s the collection of butterflies and insects.

There’s the variety of cattle, whether its steak or milk on the hoof. I’ve spotted Cracker, Santa Gertrudis, Black Angus and Charloais. The sight of a dairy herd enoying a field irrigation sprinkler on a steamy summer afternoon is delightful.

There are the historic churches sprinkled throughout.

And we cannot forget the concentration of springs. There’s Manatee, Fanning, Blue, Devil’s Den, Blue Grotto, among others.

And there are the people. They can be our favorite things about Levy County. Clearly ahead of the pack is Winnelle Horne of the Levy County Quilt Museum. She’s irreplaceable.

I am sure there are folks here who know way more than this newcomer and will be glad to teach me a thing or two (or maybe a few more than that) about the wonders of Levy County.

Let’s give those job applicants a few things to think about. Tell me what you like about Levy County. We’ll publish the list in the Citizen.

Lou Elliott Jones is editor of the Chiefland Citizen. She can be contacted at 493-4796, via email at editor@chieflandcitizen.com.