Give 'em an earful

The Levy County Commission is asking residents to give them an earful. And I would like to help them.

They are wrestling with the big questions of our time: Do they keep property taxes at 7.4212 mills, the rate they have had since the 2008-2009 budget? Or do they raise it to the rollback millage of 8.0614? Or do they look for new sources of funding? Or should they tell the state to stick it in their ear when they create programs, tell they county they must have them and no, the state will not provide money for them? And exactly what services are residents willing to go without in order to keep taxes low?

The old millage raised $13,886,900 in revenue this year, but with an average 5.8 percent drop in property values, the county could see less revenue.

Under the rollback rate the county would raise $13,957.046.

The county budget has been whittled to a svelte $59,192,855, down considerably from the 2007-08 budget near $70 million.
It has been done without cutting employees or services.

But the county is looking to be leaner in the fiscal year starting Oct. 1 and the year after that.

And they want to hear from residents. To that end the Citizen has posted a few poll questions for readers: http://www.chieflandcitizen.com/opinion

If you think of any other questions, or have a comment for them, just use our comment form.

Give 'em an earful.