Gingrich aide gives Levy GOP "red-meat" speech

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By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

Rick Tyler, spokesman for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and co-counder of ReAL — Renewing American Leadership, said he felt a little intimidated to be speaking to a group whose last speaker was U.S. Senate Candidate Marco Rubio.


Tyler spoke to the annual Lincoln-Reagan Memorial Dinner, hosted by the Levy County Republican Executive Committee, on April 23 in Chiefland.  About 80 people attended the dinner.

Rubio, who is leading Gov. Charlier Crist in the polls in the Senate race to replace retired Sen. Mel Martinez, spoke at last year's event. "I can't get over the fact that Newt Gingrich endorsed Marco Rubio today," Tyler said.

"And then I hear he was your speaker last year. I'm really intimidated." Tyler said he recently met the Senate candidate and was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and intellect.

Tyler, who described ReAL as "the intersection of freedom, faith and free markets," said Christians participating in politics should be defined by more than their opposition to abortion and opposition to homosexual marriage. "What is the Christian response to jobs and the deficits" he asked. "...if what voters are talking about is jobs and deficits."

It did not take Tyler to warm to the group and give them the conservative, red-meat speech they came to hear.

"The worst thing to happen to a politician is when the voters pay attention, "he said. "The reason we have a constitutional republic is because when they do pay attention I can guarantee one thing: Somebody's going to get fired."

And this could be the year the Democrats are fired, he said.

"The left is the party of death. They want to kill old people. They want to kill babies. They want to kill everything," Tyler said. Later he said, "Liberals are racists. They take away the dominant figure" in families. "Everything is anti-family. Because government wants to replace the family."

He challenged the audience to name a God-fearing goo Democrat. The audience pointed Levy County Chair Nancy Bell, a Democrat.

He said the Democrats had to pass health care legislation to mobilize their base for the elections. Democratic leadership reasoned, he said, "If we pass it, they'll have to come to vote."

Tyler criticized the Democrats' handling of the health care bill. "It was an affront to the process, but they had to do it to keep their base."

The result of failing to pass legislation: "You get a cataclysmic election. Sixty seats gone."

    And yet, he said, Democrats have maximized their turnout. Homosexuals make up 3 percent of the voting population, and their turnout in every election is 98 percent, Tyler said. "Their gay vote is maxed out and they can't make any more."

    "How many Christians are there," he asked. "More than 80 percent (of the population)."

    He went on, "And yet, our guys don't show up."



    Tyler told the GOP that the U.S. population represents 4 percent of the world's inhabitants and produces 25 percent of the world's wealth.  "The reason for poverty in the world is political," he said. "The world is poor. Here, people come here to this remarkable experiment and they pursue wealth."

    Intertwining religion and history lessons, he said, "Freedom is the life blood of the human spirit and freedom is Christianity's gift to America. . . . It's where we get our egalitarinism."

    Thomas Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence turned the notion that power comes from God to the king by instead saying it goes from God directly to the people "endowed by their Creator" Tyler said.

    The founders chose center on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for a reason, he said. Life would mean the unborn as well as the elderly. "It's why when someone climbs a mountain and gets stuck we move heaven and earth to find them," he said.

    Liberty, he said allows citizens to acquire property.

    "And liberty, without liberty you cannot pursue happiness," he said. "And every penny your government takes away from you they are taking away your liberty.