George Harrison

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By The Staff

My celebrity encounter was on the beach in South Florida in the late 60s. I was 15 at the time and had borrowed a surfboard from a friend to try to learn to surf. I paddled the board up the beach away from my peers so they wouldn't laugh at my attempts to a spot which was used by tourists staying at an upscale condo.

While I was there I spotted an older man, probably in his mid-20s, sitting on the beach playing a very unusual looking instrument which resembled a guitar. The instrument was about 4-feet long or so with a small ukulele looking base.

The man was clothed in Indian-looking clothes and had a mustache and beard. I approached him and asked what the instrument was that he was playing.

He answered me, with a very British accent, that it was a sitar. He had acquired it in a recent visit to India.

I told him my name and he told me his name was George, that he was here with his wife Patty. We conversed about his visit, karma and different Indian philosophies. He asked me what there was to do in the area. Being such a worldly person I recommended the bowling alley where my friends and I hung out and suggested a popular bar that had live music that I thought he might like.

That evening as I was dressing to go to the bowling alley, the phone started ringing off the hook from my very excited friends with important news. Apparently, George Harrison and his wife visited the bowling alley and he had inquired after me. The local newspaper covered the story and I had my brief 15 seconds of fame.

The George Harrison I knew had a Beatle Bob so I never suspected that it was him.

Susan Eubank