Football workouts will make season a thrill

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Chiefland getting ready

By Jenna McKenna

Chiefland football is getting bigger, one run, one lift, one pound at a time. Indians' head football coach Ajay Ulmer reports that summer workouts have been well attended and attitudes are strong.

“We've had some guys make some really great gains this summer,” he said.

“We've got some really strong freshmen coming up too.”

Monday was a max-out day in the weight room, with players having this week to hit their target lifts in the bench, squat and power clean.

“We've got two guys benching 350-plus – Demonds Jackson and Cason Nessmith,” Ulmer noted.

“Everybody's going up.”

Jackson's performance was particularly commendable because of his recent loss.

“Demonds' father passed this Saturday and I told him to take as many days as he needed,” Ulmer said.

“It says a lot about him that he's here today with his team.”

Ulmer and team captains said the team will wear a helmet decal in memory of Jackson's father.

One big gainer in Monday's lift was Jamantye Thompson, who benched 275, squatted 405 and cleaned 225.

“He'll go up on the squat and power clean this week, too,” Ulmer said.

On non-max lifting days, the team goes to the field for running and agility drills.

“We've been doing flying 50s, flying 220s on the field, but not on max lift days,” Ulmer said.

“I want the guys to have their legs under them.”

As midsummer passes, the focus on strength and agility will turn more towards conditioning, heading towards the two-week camp that precedes the school year. Camp starts August 10, and as they have the last two years, the team will spend the first two nights in the weight room.

“The guys are looking forward to it,” Ulmer said.

“They keep asking if we're going to do it again this year.”

Ulmer says he's also hoping to get permission to take the team to the springs to swim, for another fun, team-building exercise.

“Just a couple hours, like a retreat for them. It would be a lot of fun,” Ulmer said.

“I'm really excited about this group of kids – we've got great chemistry. I'm really looking forward to our season.”

Ulmer reminds football fans that the Quarterback Club still has tickets available for the gun to be raffled at the Indians' first home game, Sept. 11 against Citrus. Please see Rob Alexander at Perkins State Bank, Chiefland High School front office or Drummond bank.