Fix the softball concession stand, already

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By Jenna McKenna

Chiefland softball is rocking 10-3 with only two district losses, and every home game is packed with fans from both sides. There's rowdiness and good cheer, enough to go around, but do you know what there isn't?

Peanuts. M&Ms. Hot cocoa on a cold night and blue Powerade on a warm one. Hot dogs, Air Heads and pickles. Milky Ways. I'm miserable just thinking about it.

I've eaten my way around the district, region and state, reporting on Levy County high school sports the last six years, and I can safely report that I've never failed to eat well in Indian territory. Sometimes I get a candy bar, but more often I go for the pickle. Ask me next time you see me and I'll give you the rankings of the top 10 venues for nachos, pizza or fries – cheese fries.

It might have seemed funny a few weeks ago when a crime report in the Chiefland Citizen reported a “sweet take” for thieves that knocked over the concession stand at Chiefland High School's softball field, but Lady Indians' Head Coach Wayne Weatherford isn't laughing. The concession is Chiefland softball's main fund-raising arm during the season.

“It was only $30-40 worth of candy, if you want to say that, but that's $30-40 worth of candy we have to replace,” said Weatherford.

Actually, it's not the candy that's the problem. It's the door the burglars broke while they were going after the candy. It's still broken.

The concession was burglarized on Feb. 28, more than a month ago, back when Chiefland was 5-1 with only a loss to Williston. There have been three more varsity home games since then, as well as JV and middle school games. If you're counting, that's a lot of hungry softball fans, and a big hole in the Lady Indians' pocketbook.

Weatherford said he immediately submitted a work order for the door to be replaced, but so far, no soap. Meanwhile, he put a padlock on the door that he says does little more than keep the wind and rain from re-invading.

“I don't think it would really keep anybody out.”

I know Chiefland is just full of handy softball fans who were wondering why their stomachs were rumbling when the action on the field was so tasty. Isn't there a law against watching softball without a hot dog or a bag of peanuts? Especially Chiefland softball, a program that has been to regionals three times in the last four years, the only program in school history to go undefeated in the regular season (2005), a program that reached the FHSAA state semifinal in 2007 – not even bubble gum?

I'll bet some hardy soul out there has a nice door just sitting in the shed. A door, along with a little of your time, would really help Wayne Weatherford feed the fans of Chiefland softball.

If you are that hardy soul, please let Wayne know. Our stomachs will thank you for it.

Call Chiefland High School at 352-493-6000 to help repair the Chiefland High School softball concession stand, or call me at 352-493-4796. Call soon – I'm hungry.