Fill in survey for Tri-County Hospital

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For some time the citizens of the tri-county area have expressed support for the development of a full-service hospital in Chiefland, The purpose of this letter is to bring you up to date on the progress of the project and to ask you to participate in a short survey that can be found on page B5 of the Chiefland Citizen.
We are close to completing the financial and market demand feasibility study which is an essential element of a development and funding package. This study is being completed by WIPFLI LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in such work for the healthcare sector.
This continued demonstration of active community support is essential if we are to successfully complete this project.
To support the feasibility study we need input from as many area residents as possible. Please review and complete the community interview form found on page B5 and mail it to:
Frank Schupp
Ameris Health Services
1114 Seventeenth Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212
or fax it to 615-327-0898.
We appreciate your continued support and assistance. Our team remains committed to moving this project ahead and look forward to working with you and the community at large.
Frank Schupp