A few resolutions for campaigns

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A few words for candidates
It's the New Year and already the political races in Levy County are hopping — or should I say the charges are flying?
Here at the Citizen we want to be of service to our readers and allow candidates to communicate with the public.
But as with all things, there are a few rules.
A. The Chiefland Citizen will allow you a one-time free announcement in the news columns where the candidate can make an unfiltered statement of their candidacy. Some have already been published.
All we ask is that you get the announcement in one week after filing for office and please include a photo. Choose the photo carefully as we are likely to use it more than once. If you do not have a photo, call, make an appointment and we will take your photo.
This announcement is published free.
B. The Citizen will endeavor to cover as many political forums and speeches and public events as possible. But we need advance notice. And we need understanding that we cannot be everywhere at the same time.
C. When you receive a form from the Citizen asking for information please return it filled out and by the deadline. Plan on hearing from us right after qualifying closes. We will have lots of questions.
D. We do not do editorial endorsements of candidates so please don't ask.
E. Please keep it clean. I know I am asking the impossible here. I have covered elections that felt more like slogging through pig poop than listening to people who want me to allow them to make decisions affecting  everyone's life and wallet. It also helps you keep your self-respect.
F. To prevent incumbents from using their office to get gratis coverage in news columns that their challengers cannot, we will cut off running photos and individual mentions of officeholders presenting or accepting plaques, awards, proclamations, certificates, resolutions, students of the month, and other such activities.
If a candidate has a universal primary, the cutoff is July 5. For the general election, the cutoff is Sept. 22.
G. Try to stick to the issues at hand. These are tough economic times. People are disgusted with government and I'm just not talking about Washington, D.C.
 I don't care what those polls say about how we like our representative, it's the other guys who are messing it up. A politician is a politician is a politician no matter the home address.
H. If it’s not really newsworthy consider putting it in an advertisement.
I. Perish the thought that the staff of this paper has favorites in a race. My husband can have a hard time telling where I'm at on a candidate. That's why he asks me before AND after who I vote for. I have been known to change my mind while standing in the voting booth.
I look forward to seeing you out in public and in our office.

Lou Elliott Jones is the editor of the Chiefland Citizen and the Cedar Key Beacon. She can be contacted at 352-493-4796 or via email at editor@chieflandcitizen.com