Fanning election

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Hear from Tommy Darus and Joseph Locke

Tommy Darus:


My name is Tommy Darus and I am running for Fanning Springs City Council and would appreciate your vote on January 19, 2016. I was born and raised in Gainesville and have worked in this area for the past 17 years and have lived in the area for the past 5 years.

Nestled on the banks of the Suwannee River, the City of Fanning Springs offers numerous recreational activities for its residents and visitors. But Fanning Springs needs more. The city needs to capitalize on its location and grow the city in a smart way to give its residents more opportunities to spend their hard earned money locally and to entice visitors to stay in Fanning Springs. The past several months the city has built a foundation on which to enhance the quality of life we experience in Fanning Springs. With the expansion of the sewer system, the rebirth of the Festival of Lights and the groundbreaking of the College, the City of Fanning Springs is poised to grow and I want to make sure that we grow in an intelligent way. We need growth in a manner that will ensure that Fanning Springs has businesses to support the residents and visitors, but yet retain that small town feel. I will work hard for the residents of Fanning Springs and will always be available to talk with the residents about any issues you may have. I humbly ask for your vote on January 19th and look forward to serving the citizens of Fanning Springs in an honest and honorable fashion.

Joseph Locke:

Dear friends and neighbors,

Thank you for your time. I would like to introduce myself, I am Joseph (Joe Mack) Locke and I am a candidate for the Fanning Springs City Council Seat 1. I have lived at my present home in Fanning Springs for the past 17 years. I was born in Mineral Wells, Texas because my dad was attending Helicopter Flight School in the United States Army. I grew up as a military dependent, but mom and dad called Old Town home. When dad retired in 1989, we moved home and I graduated from Dixie County High School.

After high school, I graduated from Lake City Community College with an Associate’s Degree of Science in Electronic Engineering Technologies and began my professional life. In 1998, just two months before my daughter Emily was born, I started my career with the Florida Department of Corrections, where I served as a Distributed Computer Systems Analyst. For 17 years I served the citizens of Florida and experienced all aspects of government service. In 2015, an opportunity opened up to serve the local children and I took the position of District Technology Coordinator for Dixie County District Schools, my current occupation. I have been serving as the Dixie County Marching Band Booster President for over five years and am extremely involved with the youth in the community. I have been a member of Old Town Church of God for over 20 years and have served as Youth Pastor for the last 18 months. I am completing my Bachelors of Applied Science in Organizational Management, Information Technology Management at Santa Fe College and plan to complete my MBA in the near future.

From my past I have created a firm foundation in faith, family, and truth, and have learned the requirements of public service. This letter finds me in an awkward position of asking for your support in the upcoming election, as I am not one to revel in my own accomplishments. My life is given in service to others, mostly from responsibilities of my faith but as a reflection of my family.

I see Fanning Springs as a beautiful place to live and I would like to keep it that way. I am not opposed to new growth (being in a technical career forces me to evaluate the future), but growth must be managed and sustainable without destroying the Fanning Springs that we love. I will serve you with honesty, truth, and stability and look forward to serving you to the best of my abilities. Thank you again for your time.


Joseph M. Locke