A familiar face on TV for Gingrich

So it's Friday. Time to kick back and relax. The man on the TV screen with MSNBC's Chris Matthews on "Hardball" is not in a "kick it back" mood. He looks familiar.

He should be to some folks in Levy County.

Rick Tyler is the former Newt Gingrich spokesman who gave the Levy County GOP's 2010 Lincoln Day Banquet a "red-meat" speech that had the 80 or so folks on their feet clapping with joy. Back then Tyer said he was intimidated to be the act following U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, the 2009 banquet speaker. Earlier that day Gingrich had endorsed Rubio's candidacy.

When Rubio addressed the group in Chiefland he had not even announced and was considered to have hard slog in the 2010 campaign against then-Republican Gov. Charlie Crist for Sen. Mel Martinez's seat. Rubio's grassroots support within the party was so strong Crist went independent and lost to Rubio.

Flash forward. Tyler is now the spokesman for Winning Our Future the Super PAC, a political action committee that is spending a pile of some Las Vegas millionaire's cash by flooding the South Carolina airwaves with campaign ads bashing Mitt Romney.

Super PACs are supposed to be those independent groups that collect unbridled donations ad place ads on behalf of cadidates and spend it in elections without coordinating its activities with the candidate or his campaign.

The Levy GOP Executive Committee meets Monday at 6:30 at Bronson Restaurant and listen to U.S. Senate Adam Hasner make his pitch. But you can bet some of them will be talking about Tyler and his current project and patting themselves on the back for bringing a newsmaking speaker to their big event.

That would include their energetic Chair Michelle Finnen who has led the group as it takes root in Levy County.

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