Even when things are rough, I can give thanks

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By Carolyn Risner

It has been a roller coaster of a year for me, both personally and professionally.

And for the most part, the roller coaster hasn’t stopped long enough for me to get my bearings.

If you’re a roller coaster enthusiast, you know what that means: you tend to be a little scattered when it does come to a halt and you’re not always sure you’re standing on firm ground.

From panic attacks that simulated a heart attack to Tom’s move to Florida to Claude’s unexpected death, I’ve been through a lot but in it all, I have been able to still give thanks.

It wasn’t a heart attack.

Tom is in Florida.

And through Claude’s death, I have learned lessons that will be with me forever.

And for all this I am thankful.

Additionally, and traditionally, I take this week each year to say “thanks” for all the little things I take for granted all year long–things like hazelnut creamer, gel pens, e-mail and curling irons.

In 2008, allow me to add: a washing machine (after four years at the laundromat, you must know how truly thankful I am), Mob Wars, iPods and iTunes, DVRs, apple tart, carryout restaurants, free books and my poor upbringing (it shaped my character and continues to provide inspiration for a better way of life).

I am also thankful for Thursday donuts, Stouffers meals, two for one deals, cheaper gasoline and my economy car for when gas isn’t so cheap.

I mustn’t leave out Janet Evanovich, Harlan Coben, Dean Koontz and John Saul, who all keep me company when there’s no one else around. And surprisingly, I am thankful for classmates.com that reconnected me with people I went to school with, including one man who now lives in Bronson. Odd how two Eastern Kentucky folks from the same small high school both ended up in Levy County, huh?

And like all of you, I am thankful for family and friends, my health, this country, my job.

Special thanks go out to Lou and Jenna, who, in the last two months have become an extension of myself to see me through the rough times at work. I am truly blessed to have my Chiefland Citizen family–from all the “boys” in the back who keep me laughing to the ladies who are my first shield against angry and crazy people.

The roller coaster is slowing down at last. My stomach is settling. My head is not spinning. My legs are wobbly, but I’m still standing.

And for that I am thankful.

Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours this season.