Eternity magnifies what we do in time

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By Louis Abel

 "See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil."   

Ephesians 5:15,16


 Recently, at a conference of magazine publishers in the United States, the representatives were asked to stand and give the name of their publication. Inevitably, it seemed that a delegate from a Christian magazine, always followed one from a secular periodical. A burst of laughter among the delegates resulted when TIME and ETERNITY were linked together as the representatives of those two magazines were sitting side by side.  There is food for thought here, for the two are vitally related and closely interlocked. The final rewards and position of the saved will be governed by their belief, and of course followed by their loving service, adoration of their Lord, and diligent study of His word so they learn more. The lost too will be beaten with "few" or "many stripes" in relation to their lack of faith and their deeds and attitudes while here on earth.  Therefore, someone has wisely written: "Use well opportunity, drift not with the tide; killing time is not murder, it's suicide!" Eternity will magnify that which we have done in time.

May I make a practical suggestion for the new year we've just barely begun? Always carry something with you to frill the moments that would otherwise be spent in idleness. For instance, take with you a little New Testament which you can study and mark up as you wait your turn in the doctor's office, or a text from the Bible ---printed on a card---which you can memorize while you are stopped at a traffic light or riding with someone else in a car, or a notebook  in which you jot down helpful suggestions or prayer requests. These are all good ways to "redeem the time" and make golden investments in eternity. 

Too busy to read the Bible, too busy to wait and pray!

Too busy to speak out kindly to someone by the way!

Too busy to care and struggle, to think of the life to come,

Too busy building mansions to plan for the heavenly Home.

Too busy for all that is holy on earth beneath the sky,

Too busy to serve the Master, but --- not too busy to die!

Louis Abel is pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Chiefland.