Editor jailed!

From the Chiefland Citizen page on Facebook:

Well, we were busy chasing down rumors of a comedy roundup of prominent citizens and civic leaders in Chiefland today to raise funds for the Chiefland Centennial Committee. 
But then the editor got herself jailed and we decided we don't want to run that story. However, the boss says the mug shot can run with her next Good News column. Look for more photos in next week's Citizen. (And we're not talking about the editor's mugshot)

The event was a fundraiser by the Suwannee Valley Rotary Club with 100 percent of the bail money — at $50 per person — going to the Chiefland Centennial Celebration Committee.  Halfway through the lunch hour the committee had received over $1,200 in "donations." 

P.S. The boss would not pay the bail for her. Her husband wanted to know how much he had to pay for the Chiefland Rotary Posse to keep her in jail. A friend eventually promised to pay the bail ao she could come back to work.