Eagles nearly spoil Bell homecoming

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By Tianna Shelley

Bronson Bugle Correspondent

The Bronson Eagles took on Bell High School for the Bulldogs’ homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 4.

The night started out with a tremendous amount of energy; the rapidly growing Bronson crowd made almost as much noise as the Bulldogs’ home stadium crowd.

Bronson’s defensive line kick started the evening on fire with tackles left and right. A beautiful steal by Bronson No. 2, Brock Brower, about 4 minutes in to the first quarter led to the Eagles’ first touchdown of the evening. The touchdown was scored by Brower. 

Then No. 7, quarterback Tyler Beauchamp, seemed to dance over the 50-yard marker before being pushed out by the Bulldogs’ defense, with only seconds left to go in the first quarter. 

I pulled No. 3 Landon Sanders aside just before half time, when the score was 36-7, and asked him how he felt about being back in the game after his injury. Sanders, who was benched him for the first few games, replied, “I felt energized, and proud to be on the field again, but I’d love the see our team winning and progressing.”

The Eagles never quit, every touchdown scored by Bell only seemed to motivate the Bronson boys to catch up, and they ended up putting on a top notch show for the fans. You never knew who was going to score next. 

The Bulldogs emerged victorious, but not for a lack of trying by the Bronson Eagles varsity. At the end of a hard fought almost three hour game, the final score of 52-43 proved that Bell certainly had worked for their win. 

One of the Eagles’ coaches, Cameron Porch, said in the final huddle after the lengthy and hard fought game, “There’s nothing we can do except move forward and get better.”