Drug testing an insult

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While acting as branch librarian, and the only employee, I recruited and trained several volunteers. Many years later, when retiring, the volunteers stayed on. Operating the library without volunteers was almost impossible.
After a few years of driving for Meals on Wheels, and training for the old VOICE program at the Levy County Sheriffs Department, and for Guardian Ad Litem, (both of which required finger printing), I noticed the library was in need of volunteers.
Shortly after again getting  into the spin of things at the library, the mandate came down the line', we were to be drug tested!  In the first place, how could something like this be retroactive?  And second, this was a 'slap in the face' for all the time put in by these loyal volunteers, not to mention myself. The library lost good volunteers.
The cost of $35 is put in as if it were nothing.  To those young people in two income families at today's wage scale, it may be.  However, from where I sit, many of the most diligent volunteers are retired people who didn't earn those wage scales and are living on an income to which $35 is a week's groceries.  Besides the trip to Bronson with gas prices as they have been.  (Incidentally, I don't remember those giving voice to the problem spending much time in the library!)
When an edict such as this is decided, it behooves some common sense to be included.  For those who have already proven service, the requirement is nothing but an insult.
 Leila Ramsdell
Fanning Springs