Do's and don'ts of recycling

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By Claude Lewis

Johnnie Pendarvis, Levy County Landfill Recycling Coordinator, said that there are 26 recycling trailers strategically dotting the county.

"We've got them from Morriston to Inglis to Fanning Springs," he said.

They are there for residents to put their aluminum, tin cans, plastic bottles and newspapers for recycling.

Recycling helps in many ways. It relieves pressure on the landfill, plus the county receives a small fee for the recyclables according to weight.

There are two things Pendarvis stresses.

One is to put the proper items in the bins. That means no glass and no household garbage.

"We find things like TVs and box springs in the trailers," Pendarvis said.

Another no-no is putting recyclables and other trash outside the trailers.

"Dogs and other animals get into it and it makes quite a mess,"Pendarvis said.