Do you look like your mom?

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By The Staff

A re you a mother who is often mistaken as your daughter's sister? (Lucky you!) Are you a daughter who is told that you look just like your mother when she was your age?

When you look at family photographs, is it difficult to tell if it's you or your mother unless you look at the date on the back?

If you answered any of these questions "Yes", the Chiefland Citizen is looking for you.

We are inviting our female readers to participate in a special feature we are producing for Mother's Day.

If you are a mother and/or daughter who looks a lot alike, we encourage you to send us your photographs for publication in our May 8 edition.

Here's all you do:

Either e-mail individual photos of you and your mother and/or daughter to editor@chieflandcitizen.com or mail to:


c/o Carolyn Risner, Editor

P.O. Drawer 980

Chiefland, FL 32644

If you do not have individual photographs, one photo with both people will work.

All photographs received before the May 2 deadline will be printed in the May 8 issue.

No writing is necessary, unless you want to label photos (example: My mom at 14, me at 16).

Be sure to include the names of both people and where they call home.