Deviations of morality

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By Louis Abel

 "Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against you."  

Psalm  199:11


 The new morality really isn't new.  When you analyze it, you discover at its core the old immorality.  It stems from man's desire to throw off the restraints that absolute moral standards place upon his conduct. One who doubts God's word and follows instead the dictates of his own reason invites trouble.  Eve took this ill-considered course and lost true righteousness. In the same way, the new morality as well as the old immorality are both deviations from the true morality. 

The importance of following the unchanging and perfect guidelines established by God Himself can be seen in the following story:  "The Bible is too strict and old-fashioned," said a young man to a gray-haired friend who had been advising him to study God's word if he wanted to learn how to live.  "There are plenty of books written today that are moral enough in their teaching which don't bind me down like the Bible does."  Without saying a word, the old merchant turned to his desk and picked up a couple of rulers, one of which was slightly bent.  With each of them, he drew a line and silently handed the paper to his young friend.  "Well," said the young man, "what are you trying to say?"        "Just this," he replied, "notice that one line is straight; the other is crooked.  When you mark your path in life, be sure to use the straight ruler." 

The path to true morality leads us through the pages of God's Holy Word, the Bible.  "Where shall a young man cleanse his way?" asks the Psalmist; to which he supplies the answer:  "By paying attention according to Your word"  (Ps.119:9).

Louis Abel is pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.