Desalination's time is now

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Maybe the various Water Management Districts and Environmental Protection agencies should stop squabbling with each other over which county has the highest priority for the need to find a solution to our state's approaching water crisis.
As long as there's water in the rivers and lakes, and peoples’ wells are still pumping water, no one will pay attention to the dire reports of those various water district officials until it's too late.
You know that old expression: “You never miss the water until the well runs dry.”
Instead of building more nuclear power plants, lime rock mines or tree farms, etc., how about a couple desalination plants?
Florida is completely surrounded by oceans, so save what's left of our fresh water supplies, and build those desalination plants.
“Oh but it will cost too much, and besides, we don't weant one of these things in our neighborhood.”
Same ole, same ole gumshoe red tape. No one wants to start the ball rolling until it looks like a winner.
Think about it.
Margaret Keith