Deputies bust 2nd meth lab in week

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By The Staff

Levy County Sheriff's deputies on Wednesday arrested a man on a charge of manufacturing methamphetamine, better known as meth, and dismantled the chemical operation the second such bust in a week, according to an arrest report.

Rowdy Elton McCall, 28, of Chiefland, was arrested at his Northwest 115th Street home, during an investigation by the Levy County Drug Task Force into a possible meth lab on that street. According to the arrest report, McCall told officers that he is not an addict, he only uses the drug occasionally and his lab operation is to produce an income.

Lt. Duane Dykstra wrote int eh report that when he went to the residence and met with McCall and give him his Miranda warning, McCall consented to a search of the home. According tot he report, McCall told deputies that he was cooking meth at the home and had just finished a cook “but he didn't have time to 'gas' the product to its powder form.” The liquid meth was in a heat-proof dish hidden in a kitchen cabinet.

The report said McCall's “one pot” lab was hidden in a bucket in the bedroom closet along with the ingredients used to manufacture the drug. The officers removed the equipment and the items used to make the drug, including lithium strips removed from batteries, lye or sodium hydroxide, charcoal lighter fluid, muriatic acid — a common swimming pool chemical, pseudophedrine tablets. They also removed dug paraphernalia including syringes.

On Sunday, sheriff's deputies went to a home on an auto burglary investigation and during a search of the residence for stolen items came across an active meth lad and arrested the couple.