Darkness is Dreadful

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 Sin is darkness. If you can't see your way out of sin, how great is that darkness?

 The devil has you blinded. He makes you think his way is the best; He is leading you into the pit of everlasting fire and death.

 You sinners in darkness need Christ. He is Eternal Life. He shines through the darkness of sin and leads you to true redemption. He is the way to truth and happiness.

 Don't let the devil make you think there is no cleansing from sin. He is only deceiving you. He is trying to win your soul for hell. Jesus died for the redemption of all sins. You can be saved from the pit of eternal hell if you will turn to Christ Jesus, completely.

 The devil has many angels and preachers and lots of people preaching against Christ. They say freedom from sin is not obtainable. They say there is no such thing as forgiveness for wrongdoing.

 Listen not to the devil or his followers. Christ Jesus is the way. He is the Light of the World. He is the Savior of mankind. Listen to His word, follow where He leads, and believe in Him, completely, and all your sins are forgiven. Believe it or not. Amen.

Taken from the book of sermons by the late Rev. Luther Turner, founder of the Baptist Purity Church.