Cross City correctional officer jailed

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By The Staff

 James Leslie Cassidy, a Cross City corrections officer for 24 years, drank moonshine and what followed afterward could cost his career.
Cassidy, 43, is  charged with groping two women against their will, slashing tires on six vehicles, and while going to jail cursing and threatening to "cut ... gut ... stab" a Levy County Sheriff's deputy and kill his family, according to sheriff's arrest reports.
His bond to get out of Levy County Jail is $241,000 after being charged with felony corruption by threat, two misdemeanor counts of battery, three felony counts of  criminal mischief, four misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief and one misdemeanor count of disorderly intoxication.
Cassidy was arrested Thursday outside the Dawg House Bar in Fanning Springs, where he was asked to leave after a woman complained about him touching her. But he returned and was told to leave a second time after a second woman complained about him. A security video captured Cassidy as he went into the parking lot and slashed tires. In all he's accused of damaging tires on six vehicles causing over $2,700 damage.
While enroute to the jail Cassidy damaged the barrier between him and the deputy by kicking it, despite the deputy stopping and cuffing his legs. He also cursed and threatened the deputy and the deputy's family.
Once at the jail, Cassidy, who was severely intoxicated was placed in a restraint chair until his behavior changed.
At his bond hearing on Friday morning, Cassidy's wife asked Judge James T. Browning for a restraint order and to "Baker Act" her husband. Browning explained she would have to request the restraining order in the court clerk's office where she could also get information on the Baker Act. The law allows a person to be involuntarily committed for up to 72 hours for evaluation as to whether they represent a danger to themselves or others, or has a harmful mental condition.