Creekside students learn fire safety awareness

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By Kellie Parkin

The Bronson Fire and Rescue Department visited Creekside Christian School in Otter Creek Tuesday morning to emphasize the importance of safety awareness as part of National Fire Prevention Week Oct. 5-11.

"I'm glad we've had this training today," said Pastor and Principal Bill Keith. "It might save a life some day."

Creekside students first met with firefighters Jacob Arnold and Jesse Baggett in the school's fellowship hall to discuss fire tips such as staying below the smoke while crawling to safety, stop drop and roll if clothing catches fire, and the importance of having an escape plan in the home.

The overriding theme conveyed by the firefighters was the importance of finding a trustworthy adult in the event of a fire or potential risk. "Even if you're the one who started the fire," Baggett said, "go straight to an adult for help and get yourself to safety."

Baggett and Arnold also told the students how they could prevent fires by fixing overloaded wall plugs, keeping cooking areas clean and clutter free, and of course never playing with matches or lighters.

When the technical part of the lesson was finished, students filtered outside for the real fun.

Bronson's Fire Engine 70 was on display complete with lights flashing and water cannon flowing. Donned with red plastic firefighter helmets, students took turns sitting in the driver's engineer seat, testing the siren, horn, and PA system.

Other students climbed up to the pump panel located just behind the cab of the truck to try their hand at the water cannon.

In addition to the helpful safety training, Principal Keith wants Creekside students to take away more than education. "I hope it's inspired some of our kids to be firefighters when they grow up," he said. "We want to try to produce good citizens and build character in our students here."

Nine-year-old student Tymber Anderson was thankful for the safety tips she learned. "It was helpful for just in case you ever need it or anything," she said. "And the truck was really, really cool," she added.