County Government – Its' Heart Warming No.2

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Allow me to continue from my last letter to the editor.
Three Levy County Commissioner’s, (Ryan Bell, Danny Stevens and Chad Johnson) hired attorney Brien A. Bolves, to represent the three commissioner’s actions, on behalf of the Tarmac mining project.
This was to defend their voted approval, on a special exception for that project, which didn’t have all of its permits authorized.  Well, it’s been done before by past sitting commissioners, so we can do it now was the reasoning. So let me get this straight, because past Commissioners were shafting the public, it’s OK to continue with the same process. Dictionary definition - Shaft•ing [shaf-ting, shahf-] noun, slang. An  instance of unique or unfair treatment:
Oh, I forgot, one of those former Commissioners is still seated (Danny  Stevens).
Gosh, on the job training for the new, from the old. Its Heart Warming!
Remember the $10,000 these three Commissioners authorized to defend their  “Its Been Done Before” vote in a court of law.
This most certainly will increase in $10,000 increments, if the case progresses through the court system (adding to the deficit). Tax payer’s monies, being spent on behalf of a multi-million dollar corporation, against the tax payers of Levy County.
$10,000 here, $10,000 there. What the heck, it’s not out of the Commissioner’s bank accounts.
Now Commissioner Ryan Bell, seems to believe that it’s equitable (his  statement) to increase the average family’s household special assessment  fees by about $50 per year to offset the burden on multi-parcel property owners (See Chiefland Citizen, letter to the editor, Aug. 4, 2011).
Let us remove from Commissioner Bell’s equation the small business owners who, along with the home owner, can least afford an increase. Whom does that leave us with?
Well, how about the very large corporate giants, such as Tarmac and others who own vast improved holdings in Levy County.
Commissioner Ryan Bell will have home and small business owners, subsidizing those giants.
That is what Commissioner Ryan Bell considers, equitable.
The County Commissioners have unnecessarily spent or given back $981,547.93 over the past couple of years, (Grant moneys and legal fee’s) primarily on behalf of Special Interest Groups.
The above figure amounts to 70.11 percent of the current, $1,400,000 budget deficit.
Add to that the county attorneys yearly salary ($120,000) and we have  78.7 percent of the deficit explained.
What we don’t have explained is why are we paying a county attorney a  yearly salary only to have the Commissioner’s farm out legal matters, which cost the tax payer additional money?
Is not Ms. Brown a capable attorney, one that can and should be handling all  the legal affairs of Levy County?
And now an increase in special assessments to offset, these irresponsible  monetary actions, one that will again benefit special interest groups. Yes, an opinion, but one that is deduced by actions and appears to be upheld by the Commission’s history.
It’s not the Levy County Citizen who is benefiting by all this.
Is it The Coach along with his cronies???
Dictionary definition - Cro•ny (Kroch-nee] –noun, plural -nixes. A close  friend or companion, a chum.
 One, if not two of those commissioners, then candidates in last year’s election, attended a Tarmac by invitation only meeting(s), as a candidate of course. I know Commissioner Ryan Bell did, he stated that publicly.
Was this also arranged by (The Coach), Greaser of political palms???
Only the shadow knows for sure and of course the now, Commissioner(s) then  candidate(s).
Responsible Sunshine Government at work.  It should be Heart Warming!!!!  Is it???
Noel K. Desmond