Concert on but without the brewskis

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By Claude Lewis

BRONSON –Selling beer at a fund-raising concert at Bronson Community Park loomed as a tough decision for Bronson Town Council members.

The organization planning the show –Levy County Humane Society – made that decision easy for Mayor Franklin Schuler and the four other members.

While the Feb. 25 country show featuring Chris Cagle is still a go, the Humane Society decided on its own to can the idea of selling beer at the all-day event.

Council members learned of this at Monday night's meeting.

"We're still holding the concert, but we're opting not to sell beer,"said Michelle Hagan, spokeswoman for the Levy Humane Society. "Hopefully, with correct advertising and promotion, it will still be a big success."

At the Nov. 5 meeting, Hagan asked Town Council for permission to hold the concert at Bronson Community Park.

Council had no problem with that, but members balked wheh Hagan also asked permission to sell beer at the event.

Folks in the gallery voiced opposition, noting the park was created for children's activities and that alcohol would leave a bad taste in local people's mouths.

Schuler tabled that request until the December meeting,

When the topic was recalled, Town Clerk Donna Conquest informed the Council Members that the Humane Society had called revealing the news that beer sales was no longer an issue.

The Levy Humane Society and sponsor 93.7 K Country hope to have a great day despite the lack of beer.

Beer sales at concerts usually means bigger profits.

Bigger profits would help the Humane Society in its drive to raise money to construct a permanent home.

The Humane Society still operates out of the home of president Mike Schenk in Bronson.

Hagan said more details on the Feb. 23 concert will soon be available.

Cagle has had four Top 10 hits on the country charts in the 2000s. His latest album "It's Good To Be Back"has done well in sales.