Community supporting education through a career shadowing experience

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By The Staff

Chiefland High School’s 10th, 11th, and 12th grade Business, Graphic Design and career class spent most of their day, on Feb. 3, with local area businesses to find out what it takes to work in the real world of business.

The event was sponsored by Christina Smith, Business Education Teacher; Ms. Valerie Smith, History Teacher; and the Chiefland High School Career Academy Advisory Board which includes the following business partners: Regina Goss (our Academy Chairperson), Katherine Bowker (Academy Secretary), Stewart Wasson, Susan Short, Christina Smith, Regina Goss, Rebecca Mack, Carol Jones, Jeff Edison, Mike Todd, Paige Brookins, Dr. Bill Martin, Alice Graham, Teri Edison, Dan Faircloth, Pam Asbell, Avery Baker, Glenda Barley, Fidiah Williams, Matt McLelland Teresa Barron, Mike Johns, Bob Williams, Owen Baynard, Jeff Beauchump, Leah Carlson, Jan Flemming, Paula Fugal, Buddy Leaptrot, Ms. Rayanne Giddis, Kathleen Woodring and David and Susan Leach.

The Academy Advisor Board was established last year as part of the state mandates requiring all schools to have at least one Academy, included in this Advisory Board is the Health Academy directed by Alice Graham and the Business and Graphics Academy directed by Christina Smith.

If you would like more information visit our Career Academy Web Site at http://chs.levy.k12.fl.us